Day workshops and training provide a taster experience of Transformational Breath® and introduce you to the possibilities of the power of your breath to transform your life. You can go a little deeper on a two-day Reclaim Your Breath™ event. This is still highly experiential and also includes interesting techniques and teaching. To fully experience the profound quality of the breath we offer a six day seminar incorporating the Personal Levels 1 – 3. This is fully residential and provides unique experiences and permanent personal transformation.

All of our seminars are held at Bryansford Cottage 


Personal Levels 1 – 3, Seminar

We provide the Personal Levels 1 – 3 collectively as a six-day Seminar in a residential setting and that leads to a profound experience. The seminars are led by Brian Williams and are held at Bryansford Cottage, near Newcastle, Northern Ireland.  Additionally, completing the three Personal Levels additionally meets the requirements needed if you wish to train as a Facilitator at the next level as well as being a wonderful stand alone experience. There’s a blog on what happens at a seminar here.
Course fees:
£1300 + £460 accommodation

Day Workshops and Training

Day Workshops and Training are held in various locations and you can invite us to lead one in your area. During the day you will get two full breathing sessions as well as some introductory teaching and guidance on how to breathe. Teas/coffees are provided and you are asked to bring a sharing lunch with you. Usually the day lasts from 9.30 a.m. until 5.30 p.m.
Course fees: £160

Reclaim Your Breath™

These two-day introductory events provide breathing analysis, teaching about the technique as well as twice-daily full breathing sessions. They are the perfect introduction to Transformational Breath® and can provide positive, life-changing experiences. Teas and coffees are provided and you are asked to bring sharing lunches with you. Each day starts at 9.30 a.m. and ends at 5.30 p.m.
Course fees: £375

The Presence Process

Transformational Breath ® is ideally suited for people practising The Presence Process: A Journey into Present Moment Awareness. Author Michael Brown recommends the use of this breathing technique during his 10-week programme of present moment awareness.  See and watch his You Tube interview about Transformational Breath® below.

Our Next Events


Brian has recovered and will be back running online sessions from February 2nd 2022 so please get in touch. Also watch out for Events and Seminars which will be re-starting in 2022.

Covid-19 - Online Sessions

With the continuing difficulties posed by the virus Brian is now trained to do online sessions and workshops.

What OUR Clients say

Here are just some of the positive comments we get from our clients

I’ve changed my diet, am more conscious of energy patterns in my body and their link to my thoughts, and through two very powerful breath sessions have affirmed my spiritual needs and increased my commitment to and appetite for life. 

I feel like one of the lucky ones to have met Brian and his lovely partner Lucy in Mallorca whilst escaping the Scottish winter this year. Brian introduced me to  Transformational Breath®. The results are profound and lasting.

My experience was profound, as it was for others in the group. I did not want the workshop to end. I felt, clean, light, healthy and energetic afterwards. I will do more workshops and I am comfortable recommending this practice to anyone.
Nigel (Mallorca)

 The changes our week together brought into my life are very profound. I feel a new, deep connection with my emotions and with my body. Transformational Breath has brought joy and peace as well as an excitement to share it with others.
Victorya (San Diego, US)