Taking the decision to attend a Transformational Breath ® Seminar is one of the greatest, life-affirming choices you will ever make for yourself. It is real opportunity to invest in your life. To care for your Self and have the confidence and courage to transform your life in the most positive ways imaginable. It’s a statement that you love and value yourself, have the confidence to let go of the old you, and step into a bright new future. This blog is all about what happens at a Transformational Breath seminar.

What is a Transformational Breath Seminar

A seminar is the Transformational Breath® Personal Levels 1 – 3 all done collectively over a six-day period. Each day builds on the progress made on the previous one and by Day 6 you will reach levels of experience and understanding that most people rarely achieve in a lifetime. You will let go of lifelong issues that have been holding you back, allowing fresh creativity to flow into you.

Brian and Lucy Williams, with their team of amazing facilitators, will gently guide you through the training as you discover the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of this award winning self-empowering breathing technique.

Joining and Day Timetables

Join us at Bryansford Cottage for dinner the evening before the course starts. You will recover from any travel stress, settle in and get to know the other participants and the training team. On Day 1 we start after breakfast and each day is made up of teaching time and experiential breathing time. There are usually two short breathing sessions daily as well as two one-hour sessions. There are break times in the morning and afternoon. Lunch is at 1.00 with plenty of time to relax. Dinner is at 6.00 and there are extra-curricular activities in the evenings. There will be plenty of time to discover the grounds of the magnificent Tollymore Park. Tollymore has been a recreational landscape since the 1400s.

From Day 2 we have a morning kick-off at 7.30 which includes some yoga postures that help with your breathing, sounds that enliven your chakras, and an Abundance Programme. Breakfast is at 8.15 and class starts at 9.00 a.m.

Understanding Your Breath

In the course of the Seminar you will gain an understanding of breathing analysis which shows just where a person’s breath is stuck and how to resolve it. You will learn about the integration of unconsciously held negative emotional charges or beliefs. Resolution of negative programming and recurring family patterns of behaviour will be covered. You will experience how to use Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ to resolve your inner conflicts. We use tools that help you to access deeper memories such as Dyadic Soul Communication. You’ll learn to love and forgive using beautiful forgiveness and inner child exercises. You will experience toning and sound healing. These are a critical elements in integrating past traumas and are combined with breath and body movements.

For many people the greatest repressed trauma is what they experienced during their birth. You are going to have the wonderful opportunity to be part of a re-birthing session. This can resolve issues from your birth, painful repressed memories, and negative core beliefs. And then replace them with beautiful new experiences and life-affirming core beliefs.

What You Will Leave With

Transformational Breath® is a technique for life and as the seminar draws to a close you will be left with the self-empowering tools to breathe for yourself when you return home. You will learn how to practice self-breathing sessions and be introduced to advanced breaths to the access higher states of consciousness.

Our goal is that you will leave feeling fabulous with the tools and skills to enhance your life. You will understand how breathing effects your physical and mental body and how and when to use breathing exercises. Your learning includes how your breath pattern reflects your life experience. How to recognise situations or experiences that affect your breath pattern and to make positive changes. You will be going home to a new transformed life and will be supported by your new skills of daily Five Rites yoga practice, the Abundance Programme and 100 Breaths. Weekly self-breathing sessions will be possible as well as self-body mapping. Using Transformational Breath ® you will have seamlessly stepped into a wonderful new life.

We hope this blog on what happens at a Transformational Breath seminar will help you decide to come to one of our seminars soon. Links to our Seminar events are on our Workshops and Training page.