With the evenings stretching and nature coming to life we are all geared up for the spring and summer programme. We have lots of exciting events planned and we feel so privileged to work with the breath and to know so many of you already and we hope that we will see you soon. More information below and click the links in each section to see the latest events and news.
We provide Individual Sessions in Saintfield Co Down. The first session lasts almost two hours and subsequent sessions about 1 hour 30 minutes. This is an ideal way to start with Transformational Breath® and explore the issues that hold you back and stop you living life to the full. You can book sessions with either Brian or Lucy. We hold Reclaim Your Breath™ weekend events in Ireland and London. You can book a place and join us in March in Mornington Country House, Mullingar, Co Westmeath or in May in Barnet, London. This is very experiential course and an ideal way to launch you into this incredible, life-changing breathing technique. It allows you to discover the three levels of Transformational Breath® and experience them in four very powerful breathing sessions. You will discover your own unique breathing pattern, begin to open your breath and feel dramatic shifts in your life as a result. You will clear negativity in the sub-conscious and understand how Transformational Breath® clears the cellular memory. Discover how and why we can use the breath to create more spiritual awareness.

We organise Personal Levels 1 – 3 Seminars. These are led by the internationally renowned Senior Trainer, Indalecia Ziritt, who lives in Milan, Italy, and Brian Williams. The seminars are held in Benburb Priory in Northern Ireland and give participants a chance to leave the everyday world behind and discover their true self. The first three levels of training focus on transforming your own breath and life and are open to anyone who wants to attend. You will learn how to use the breath to make powerful and permanent personal transformation in less than a week. The six-day seminar begins the process of mastering your breath and understanding how it is directly connected to mastering your life. We’ll explore numerous ways of working with the breath so that it becomes an indispensible tool for daily living. We also incorporate coaching skills and very powerful self-healing modalities that support the changes initiated by Transformational Breath®. There are seminars in April, August and November.

Level 4 Part A and Level 4 Part B courses.  After experiencing the life-changing benefits of Transformational Breath®, many feel called to study and share it with others. Level 4 is a fourteen day course held as two separate weeks led by Indalecia Ziritt in preparation for professional practice.  These are the training courses required to become a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and they also help to continue your own personal journey with the breath. Level 4A is being held in March while Level 4B is in July.

We hold monthly Breathing Circles in Rowallane Community Hub in Saintfield, Co Down.  These are for experienced breathers who wish to join with others of like mind to maintain their breathing practice.

And we offer Rejuvenating Getaways which are an opportunity to come and stay with us in our home in Saintfield, Co Down, Northern Ireland. Lucy has so many skills in Alternative Medicine so you can customise your experience and have a bespoke break with us, tailored to suit your life.


There’s plenty to explore so get in touch soon.