Step into spring with a new feeling of energy, health, stamina and overall wellness. So many people have had Covid-19 as well as coughs and colds this winter. Now it’s time to revitalise yourself and regain all the energy it takes to live an active life. Transformational Breath® is a safe breathing technique that works at a physical level and allows you perfect health.

How Transformational Breath® Can Help You

During a breathing session you will learn to fully open your breath and allow oxygen to travel to every part of your body. Full diaphragmatic breaths will help to strengthen your immune system and assist the lymphatic system to remove toxins.

Imagine feeling completely healthy, positive, fully energised and ready to face each day with gusto! The conscious, connected breathing used in Transformational Breath® allows you to totally oxygenate your body and leave every cell vibrating with good health. Your car engine thrives on having plenty of petrol or diesel and it’s the same with your body and its need for oxygen.

As you start to breathe with beautiful deep diaphragmatic breaths you may notice some physical symptoms. Perhaps you may experience tingling in your hands or feet, or heaviness in your limbs. You might also feel numbness around your mouth or dizziness in the temples and on the top of the head. All of these symptoms are normal and indicate that you are reacting positively to the technique.

Positive Effects

Your breath releases most of your body’s toxins. As you inhale the oxygen is exchanged from your lungs into the blood and is distributed to every cell of your body. At the same time toxins are carried back to your heart in the blood. Then they are exchanged back into the lungs and then you simply breathe them away without even thinking about it. Imagine, some 20,000 exhalations daily purifying your body.

Diaphragmatic breathing has a fantastic impact on the lymphatic system. You will experience lymphatic drainage and the release of toxins. Drink lots of water in the twenty four hours after a breathing session to assist with this process.

Many people find that as they practice Transformational Breath® their sleep pattern normalises and they start to have deep, revitalising sleep every night.

Fully rested, completely energised, and toxin-free, it’s easy to feel fantastic, bursting with vitality, and ready to engage with springtime and all its possibilities.

Step into Spring with Transformational Breath®

There are opportunities now to experience Transformational Breath® with me and get on the path to revitalisation for Spring.

A one-to-one Session at my home is one of the ways to find that path. There is an upcoming Reclaim Your Breath in May on beautiful Inisheer Island. Later in June and October you can experience the amazing effects of a Levels 1-3 Seminar over six days. If you want to experience the June Seminar there is a special Early Bird 20% discount available if you book early.

You can book Sessions, Seminars and Events right here

Working With You

I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work with clients both new and existing and to help you spring into 2023. Either check out the links above or you can contact me here.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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