We have a beautiful new venue at Benburb Priory in County Tyrone. There are plenty of bedrooms and each person has their own simple but comfortable room. There are no en-suite facilities but there’s easy access to toilets and ample shower facilities. On many courses elsewhere participants are expected to share bedrooms and we see it as a great advantage that participants have their own privacy.

The food is simple and unpretentious, tasty country cooking and lots of it! The cooks are local women used more to cooking for their farming families and there is a love and generosity in all the food that is prepared. Special dietary needs are well provided with vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy–free and the cooks keep rising to the challenge of different needs.

Compared to other venues in the UK and elsewhere in Europe and the United States the accommodation cost is very reasonable and makes doing a course at Benburb much easier on the bank balance, even taking into account the airfare to Northern Ireland. This in itself is inexpensive from most UK airports and there are ample bus services and affordable taxis to Benburb.

There is time during the lunch breaks and early evening personal time to walk in Benburb’s magnificent historic landscape. The Blackwater River provides the boundary between counties Armagh and Tyrone and there are beautiful nature walks along its banks and in its deciduous woodlands. On the way to the river is situated Benburb Castle, once owned by the Great O’Neill before changing hands after the Nine Years War in the 1600s. The history of the O’Neills and of Benburb Castle is explained in an interesting exhibition in the Priory Museum. The museum has a good coffee shop and the nearby village has a post office and shop that will cater to most of your needs. Visit www.benburbpriory.com