Introducing Transformational Breath® to an NHS Palliative Care Team in


Lucy and I were delighted to be asked by the leader of a Palliative Care Team in a National Health Service hospital in Wales to hold two one-day workshops for staff. The people who attended represented a range of the work that is provided to cancer patients and their families, with administrators, counsellors, nurses and a doctor, in all 14 people over the two days. This team experiences the daily pressures of working with people facing the most profound difficulties in life and the purpose of the events was to give them care and time for themselves as well as introducing the possibility of how Transformational Breath® may be of use to their clients.

The overall response by the staff to the workshops was one of having amazing personal experiences and of touching emotions deeply embedded in them. Not surprisingly each individual had their own personal needs, and while more used to care for others, they benefitted from these days of self-reflection and personal growth. Having experienced it personally they now want to bring the technique to their end-of-life patients and their loved ones.