Transformational Breath® is a self-empowering personal breathing technique. Our aim is to make you independent so that breathwork can be incorporated into your daily life. Whether you have attended a short course of individual sessions, a two-day course or a full seminar you have the knowledge to practice conscious, connected breathing for five or ten minutes daily. Maintain your breathing practice by doing your daily 100 Breaths and try to have one long breathing session weekly and remember to set an intention.

Positive Effect

This practice will keep your breath open, allowing you to be more present and live your life consciously. If you plan to come for more sessions or attend other events you will arrive with a breath that is already activated and you will get so much more from the experience. Remember, it’s a long breath in, a short breath out and no pauses between the breaths. During your practice you should breathe in using only your diaphragm. Your breath should flow from your perineum to your throat. It should be full and deep but not straining. The fuller and deeper you breathe, the fuller and deeper your experience will be.

Seminar Resources

If you who have attended a seminar you will find several resources to help you maintain your breathing practice. Remember to practice The Five Tibetans daily. There are lots of good demonstrations of the yoga asanas on YouTube if you need reminded of the exercises.

There’s also the Sacred Sounds that will energise and unify your chakras and the sounds are listed in the Seminar Manual. And finally, if you want prosperity in every aspect of your life, material, health, relationships, emotional wellbeing and so much more, then do your 40-day Prosperity Programme.

All the details are available in your Seminar Manual. This is a fantastic resource which you should read on a regular basis and you can download the recommended playlists and read the books on the reading list. The Transformational Breath Foundation particularly recommends The Presence Process by Michael Brown. This is mentioned here at the bottom of the page: and you can see more on Michael’s website

Opportunities in 2024

If you haven’t been to a seminar yet there are opportunities coming up in 2024.

And it is always useful to have a one-to-one session with Brian to top up your practice: