Brian has now resumed running individual sessions in Saintfield.  An initial session usually lasts almost two hours. It begins by finding out what you want from the breath, some details about your health and you will be told by us about the technique. A breathing analysis will be done to establish a positive Intention before going into the full breathing session. This lasts almost one hour and is facilitated by using body mapping and affirmations. There is a period of integration towards the end of the session. You will have a unique experience and there is time for feedback at the end. It is recommended that you then practice 100 breaths daily at home.
One individual session is £85 and there are discounts for buying multiple sessions. More information is here and you can Book here

Find Out More About Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath® is a safe healing modality that creates more balance, energy, peace, and joy in your life. It belongs to the group of Conscious, Connected Breathing techniques and was develop by Judith Kravitz in the 1970s. It is now practised in 51 countries world-wide and is widely recognised as the most profound breathing technique.  You can read more here.

Find Out More About Our Other Events

Day workshops and training provide a taster experience of Transformational Breath® and introduce you to the possibilities of the power of your breath to transform your life. You can go a little deeper on a two-day Reclaim Your Breath™ event. This is still highly experiential and also includes interesting techniques and teaching. You can fully experience the profound quality of the breath if you attend a six day seminar incorporating the Personal Levels 1 – 3. This is fully residential and provides unique experiences and permanent personal transformation. See more here