How a one to one session works

I offer Individual Sessions in Saintfield Co Down. The first one lasts almost two hours and subsequent sessions about 1 hour 30 minutes. This is an ideal way to start with Transformational Breath® and explore the issues that hold you back and stop you living life to the full.

How a session works You experience Transformational Breath® either seated or lying down on a comfortable mattress and we will facilitate you through the sessions. You will be given guidance on how to breathe and skilled techniques will be used to help you achieve a fully open breathing pattern. All sessions are confidential and completely safe. 

Initial Sessions

An initial session usually lasts almost two hours. It begins by finding out what you want from the breath, some details about your health and you will be told by us about the technique. I will do a breathing analysis to establish a positive Intention before going into the full breathing session. This lasts almost one hour and is facilitated by using body mapping and affirmations. There is a period of integration towards the end of the session. You will have a unique experience and there is time for feedback at the end. It is recommended that you then practice 100 breaths daily at home.


An individual in-person session costs £85

Booking and paying in advance for three sessions costs £230

Booking and paying in advance for six sessions costs £440


In a response to the Coronavirus outbreak I have re-trained and am now a Certified Transformational Breath Online Facilitator. Join me for an online Transformational Breath® session and discover the power of your breath to live life fully in every way. The cost of an individual online session is £85 . Contact me to make a booking. 

What MY Clients say

Here are just some of the positive comments I get from my clients

The recent Transformational Breath® session I had with Brian was both interesting and therapeutic. As a complementary therapist myself, there are certain qualities that I insist on when being treated and Brian delivered on all of them.

I found the experience very uplifting. I also had a rebirthing experience that was very cathartic; as it felt like a letting go of the trauma I had experience at the birth of my children due to complications with both of their birth.

There have been benefits in my life from the very first session with Brian and I have now completed a great weekend workshop too. Apart from what I would describe as more mental or spiritual benefits I have also seen physical ones.

My experience of Brian as a Breath Facilitator and workshop organiser was very nurturing. I felt very safe and nothing was too much trouble. He is humorous and heart-centred and I look forward to being in his presence  again in the future.

Covid-19 - Online Sessions

With the continuing difficulties posed by the virus Brian is now trained to do online sessions and workshops.