Suddenly, in mid-November 2021 I took seriously ill. My feet, legs, hands and arms puffed up with toxic fluid and I felt dreadful. My wife, Lucy, rushed me to hospital and it was established that I had a rare kidney condition. The renal doctor explained that it was a one in a million chance for anyone to get this form of Nephritic Syndrome and in the following two weeks my kidney function deteriorated as much as the doctors would expect to see over the course of a year in other patients. It felt like I had inadvertently stepped off the edge of a cliff and was tumbling head-over-heels, out of control and deeply frightened.

I tend to experience things visually and after two weeks of panic I imagined glider wings coming out from my sides and these allowed me to level off, stop falling, and start to take stock of the situation. Before the illness I had been working with someone who was experiencing deep fear. Initially, I had coped well with it but as time went on I could feel his fear triggering deep visceral fears of my own. In Chinese Medicine the kidneys are the seat of fear and so I put two and two together and realised that my physical symptoms were being caused by this trapped emotion.

My first positive action was to face the fear and with the help of Lucy and a friend we cleared my energy field and allowed the emotion to integrate. I could feel deep inside me that I was going to recover and set positive intentions about being fully recovered and healthy. The amount of support that I had from friends and colleagues around the world was massive and truly humbling. There were prayers said, masses offered, Buddhist chants, Vedic mantras, Reiki. People holding me in the light all gave me a beautiful surge of healing energy. Breathwork friends supported me by giving me online sessions and another gave me Sacred Sounds healing.

By December my renal doctor started talking about the possibility of a kidney transplant but I told him that everything was going to be OK and that I would make a full recovery. Several days later there was a turning moment and the toxic fluid started to drain away and my weight went down about 1 kg each day until it was all gone. On my next weekly visit to the Renal Unit the tests indicated that I was in remission, the strongest of my medications was immediately stopped. Several days into the New Year l had the amazing news that the tests showed that my kidneys were working normally. The Renal Consultant looked at the results and said, ‘Wow! This could not have happened using the medication I prescribed. Recovery from your condition, if at all, is a slow process’.

Every day I feel healthier and healthier and have started doing the Five Rites and walking to build up my fitness. It is my intention to resume working as a Transformational Breath® online facilitator in February and to start leading courses and seminars when my medication programme finishes in June 2022. I am so grateful!