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We are spending some of the winter in the beautiful sunny island of Majorca. You are welcome to join us at our home in Dima Retreat Centre for a Rejuvenating Retreat that can be customised to your requirements from January to March 2020. www.dimamallorca.com   The core of your stay will be two Transformational Breath® sessions daily in the sun-lit yoga studio and other therapies are also available. Lucy is an experienced alternative therapist and offers reflexology, Reiki, naturopathic consultations, herbal medicine and dietary advice while Brian provides crystal balancing.

Their historic house is located in a beautiful rural area near the centre of the island and 30 minutes from Palma Airport. There is lots of space in the house and you can stay and eat with us, and if you wish, join us on outings around the island. There are fabulous mountains to explore, daily markets to visit and evening festivals to enjoy. It will be winter turning to spring in Majorca but still mostly sunny with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees, and sometimes warmer, during the day. It can be cold at night. The idea is that you can customise your stay around your wishes and needs with breathing as the core activity.

The cost for your stay, including collection and return to Palma Airport, accommodation, all meals and breathing and therapy sessions is £200 per day. We look forward to meeting you.

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