Corporate Workshops are a recent development in our breathwork journey. Brian has worked online and in-person with the NHS, large corporations, as well as medium-sized and small businesses. For larger in-person sessions he brings his own team of breathwork experts who are all trained to the highest professional level.

Staff Wellbeing & Business Growth

Your business is only as good as its staff, and a Transformational Breath ® Corporate Workshop is an ideal way to improve the wellness of your team. Breathing workshops provide for the unique wellbeing needs of staff, physically, mentally and emotionally. The shared experience bonds the participants into a team that works well together. This will allow you to get the best from your people. It can reduce sick days and boost staff creativity, positivity and productivity. It’s so much easier to grow your business with a happy, motivated team.

Recent Workshops

We have held several corporate workshops during the last year. The first was for the senior management team of a medium-sized business and their day-long meeting was started with a Transformational Breath® workshop. The feedback was very positive and their subsequent meeting went in a relaxed, calm and positive way. More recently a smaller company invited its entire staff to attend a workshop in Belfast and this too was a very successful event. Thanks to everyone who participated

Brian and Lucy ran weekend breathwork courses for NHS Specialist Palliative Care and Bereavement Teams, at a hospital in South Wales. The teams are a mixture of professional staff and all feel the heavy burden of stress that is so common throughout the NHS nowadays. The courses, which were so beautifully presented, were beneficial in helping my staff with their work. Some of them continue to use Transformational Breath® as a stress-reducing breathing technique by themselves. There was excellent feedback from my team and they will always want to be part of any future courses that Brian will run with us.

NHS Senior Manager

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No matter how much you have done regarding employee wellbeing, Transformational Breath® will take it to a new level and let your staff know they are truly valued.

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