As an outdoor person, for many years I dreaded the onset of winter, the shorter, cold days and the long dark nights. Over the years with my breathwork practice I have come to love all of the seasons. I can see the different qualities each one brings to our lives. Winter is a time of resting, of inner reflection and making new resolutions. It’s an ideal time to work on ourselves to get physically strong, to discard limiting beliefs, let go of old hurts and trapped emotions, and to connect to all the magnificence that is around us.

An ideal time of year for breathwork

This is an ideal time of year to practice breathwork and all its associated activities, yoga asanas, intention setting, and planning for the future. For those who already practice Transformational Breath ® it’s a time to do your daily 100 Breaths and a full weekly breathwork self-session. If you are new to breathwork it’s good to have a series of facilitated sessions.  This will realise the incredible power of your breath to positively transform your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you would like a personal introduction to Transformational Breath® you can book individual sessions with Brian using the contact page on this website.

Opportunities for breathwork practice

It’s good to get out and meet like-minded people. You can experience breathing circles, breathing workshops, Reclaim Your Breath™ two-day events as well as winter seminars. Details about these activities can be found on my website – sessions and workshops. Further afield you can see the international website and in the UK

During winter we can plan for the year ahead and anticipate all the joys of spring. We are holding a springtime Transformational Breath® seminar from 6 – 12 April at The Rookery, Bishopdale, in the Yorkshire Dales. You are very welcome to join us and discover how to transform your life using your breath. To book use this form on my website.