Brian has recovered and will be back running online sessions from February 2nd 2022 so please get in touch. Also watch out for Events and Seminars which will be re-starting in 2022.

Covid-19 - Online Sessions

With the continuing difficulties posed by the virus Brian is now trained to do online sessions and workshops.

What we offer

In this section you will find more about Transformational Breath and about our Sessions, Workshops, Trainings and Retreats. Below is an overview and there are two other pages in this section which you can see by clicking the buttons on the right:

Achieve your true potential and live a balanced healthy life

Transformational Breath helps with energising your body and releasing emotions leading to new discoveries about yourself.

Energise Yourself

Take in more oxygen to fully energise every cell in your body and feel healthy, alert and totally alive.

Release Emotions

Safely release and integrate trapped traumas and emotions that self-sabotage and hold you back from living in balance and harmony.

Discover Yourself

Make the connection to your Higher Self and discover who you truly are, your purpose and achieve your full potential.

Breathing sessions

We provide individual sessions that analyse your breath and tailor the session to your specific needs.


Day workshops & two day Reclaim Your Breath events that introduce you to the power of your breath.


We run Transformational Breath™ Personal Levels 1 to 3 Seminars at Benburb Priory.

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